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GREENWORKS Commercial Announces Two New Additions to the Professional Optimus Series

The Optimus 82V String Trimmer and the Optimus 82V 22” Self Propelled Mower

From day one, Greenworks has been all-in on building the next generation of commercial turf equipment. Performance-focused design includes a wide range of key features never available on gas equipment.

While gas designs become bogged down in tall, thick, or wet grass or your chainsaw slowing down mid-cut, Greenworks smart technology powers through to get the job done on time.

  • More power with superior lithium-ion batteries. 
  • More performance with advanced brushless motor technology.
  • More range to go the distance with 82V single batteries 
  • More time on the lawn, your crew can start earlier & finish later with quieter, noise-compliant machines.
  • More savings with no gas, plus 80% less moving parts means less maintenance


  • Greenworks® Commercial machines are backed by industry leading warranty coverage and more than 1000 patents.

Greenworks Commercial raises the bar again with the Optimus Series of professional landscape equipment. “Optimus” is a Latin word which means; “best”, an appropriate name for this new series of equipment!

The New Optimus 82V String Trimmer  

The Greenworks Commercial Optimus 82V String Trimmer  delivers1.6 kW output which is equivalent to 36cc gas engine but without the noise, fumes and downtime to refill. It  is equipped with a 4 Ah Battery for extended run times on a single charge and is supplied with a Dual Port Charger.


Standard features of the Optimus 82V String Trimmer include:

  • Efficient Spool: Rapid reload spool holds 34 ft of 0.095” line
  • Superior Trimming: Constant 5500 RPM for quality trimming in all conditions
  • Wide Cut Path: 17 IN cut path for greater productivity
  • 3 Speed Settings: Variable speed trigger for power when you need it
  • Enhanced Safety: High visibility guard protects against thrown debris
  • Improved User Experience: Low noise and vibration vs. gas
  • Lightweight: Operating weight of 15.5 lbs reduces user strain
  • Durability: New solid drive shaft design & magnesium base plate increases durability
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty on the trimmer, battery, and charger

The New Optimus 82V 22” Self Propelled Commercial Mower

LM221s-82DP features an industrial 3 kW brushless drive motor which actually outperforms competitive mowers equipped with 170cc gas engines! And….no “hard starts”, no fumes and is 4 time quieter with less vibration.  The runtime of the LM221s-82DP is up to 90 minutes with dual-port powerhead with two interchangeable 82V batteries. This means 1.5 acres of mowing on a single charge!

Consider that the LM221s-82DP has 90% fewer parts than gas mowers meaning less downtime = more uptime!

The 22” deck and constant 17,000 FPM blade tip speed delivers high quality cut

An often overlooked but key feature of the LM221s-82DP is the ability for Vertical Storage as the mower stores vertically in the trailer or when not in use, saving up to 70% in space!

The LM221s-82DP  is backed by a 2-year limited warranty which covers the mower, battery, and charger.

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