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The Greenworks OptimusZ 60″ 24kWh Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

The Greenworks OptimusZ lineup of 60″ 24kWh commercial zero turn mowers are some of the most powerful and advanced on the market.

OptimusZ is the ultimate productivity machine. Engineered for all-day commercial use, the built-in 24 kWh battery module with safe LFP cell technology allows landscapers to mow up to 21 acres per charge and enjoy approximately 8 hours of run time-and now fully charges in just 3 hours*.

Quiet operation and high-intensity, 360° LED lighting opens the door for earlier starts, longer working hours, more business opportunities, and increased profitability.

OptimusZ boasts the only real-time 4G/GPS connectivity in its category, enabling fleet management via the unit’s software and the Greenworks Commercial app anytime, from anywhere. This connectivity provides instant visibility to exact location, usage statistics and give live insights into battery status and all systems functions. This solution also provides anti-theft protection, allowing the owner to remotely shut down the mower and render it inoperable. Also, the 4G module enables over-the-air (OTA) software updates to guarantee your machine always has the latest and greatest software without ever having to step foot in a dealership or repair shop.

The Greenworks OptimusZ 60″ 24kWh Commercial Mowers are backed by a 5-year or 2,000-hour warranty and brought to you by Greenworks Commercial – the leading manufacturer of commercial battery-powered landscaping equipment.

*with optional SkW super charger, sold separately

OptimusZ 60” 24kWh Ride-On Zero-Turn Mower


The 60-inch ride-on OptimusZ zero turn mower is the most innovative commercial ZTR on the market – full stop. Our 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ and patented PowrTraq Smart Drive System™ ensure a precise and efficient grass-cutting experience to cover more acreage and schedule more lawns into your day.

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase the OptimusZ ride-on mower:

More Power: This productivity powerhouse stands as the most powerful zero-turn mower available today, providing the equivalent power of a 65 HP gas engine while operating on a 24 kWh battery module with safe LFP cell technology.

More Control: With the best center of gravity in the industry, operators can confidently tackle slopes of up to 15 degrees, all while achieving a class-leading speed of up to 16 MPH.

Higher Quality: With a constant 19,000 FPM blade tip speed, this machine intelligently adjusts to any grass and turf conditions for superior cut quality.

Optimal Agility: Professional grade 7-gauge steel deck, ground-up battery first design, and state-of-the-art intuitive interface deliver the ultimate commercial turf mowing experience.


OptimusZ provides optimal power designed to last throughout even the most demanding jobs. The OptimusZ 60-inch ride-on mowers offer up to 8 hours of continuous runtime, powering your work all day, and unlike NCM batteries used by competitors, the built-in 24 kWh battery module is constructed using LFP technology. LFP is a safer option and most durable battery tech in the market designed to outperform stringent UL requirements. Active cooling measures, overcharge protection, and supercharging allow users to completely and safely charge the battery in as little as three hours using the Greenworks® Commercial supercharger.


OptimusZ 60” 24kWh Stand-On Zero-Turn Mower


From intentional comfort to unmatched power and performance, the OptimusZ 60 Inch Commercial Stand-On Mower is the most effective and user-friendly stand-on mower on the market today. The revolutionary 19K Constant Smart Cutting System™ and patented Powrtraq Smart Drive System™ make the OptimusZ a true game-changer in the commercial mower space.

When you choose the OptimusZ 60 Inch Commercial Stand-On Mower, you’re choosing the pinnacle in:

  • Power: As the leading stand-on mower in its class, the OptimusZ showcases unparalleled power. The mower’s 24kWh Battery maintains constant power levels that compare to a robust 65 HP gas engine, ensuring it can effortlessly handle even the most demanding mowing tasks.
  • Speed: With a maximum cut speed of up to 12 MPH, the OptimusZ stands out for its ability to swiftly cover large areas without compromising on precision. Its impressive speed optimizes productivity, allowing for efficient completion of mowing jobs
  • Quality of Cut: Setting a new benchmark in precision, the OptimusZ maintains blade tip speeds of up to 19,000FPM, providing a precise cut regardless of grass conditions.
  • Battery Capacity: The OptimusZ allows for up to 8 hours or 21 acres of mowing on a single charge, ensuring extended operational time, minimizing interruptions, and maximizing productivity on the field. The battery can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours using the Greenworks Commercial Super Charger (sold separately), putting you back in the field quicker.


When you’re in the field, you can’t afford for your battery to die after just a couple of hours of mowing. With up to 8 hours or 21 acres of mowing on just a single charge, the OptimusZ 60 Inch Commercial Stand-On Mower allows you to stay in the field for longer, maximizing your productivity. The battery can be fully charged in as little as 3 hours with our turbo charger (sold separately), getting you back to work without prolonging downtime.

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In addition to the 60″ models, the OptimusZ full lineup from Greenworks offers a wide range of deck sizes (from 32″- 60″), and provide enough power for any landscape crew to complete daily work. To find out more about their OptimusZ 24kWh Series of Commercial Riding Mowers click HERE for more information. On the Greenworks commercial site, you can also check out the rest extensive line of Greenworks Commercial professional grade battery-powered products for all of your landscape needs.