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A FocusOn Global Insights Exclusive – SENIX

If you didn’t know anything about the brand, SENIX, that would have changed if attended

Equip Expo in Louisville last October. SENIX had a major presence at the 2023 event and was the sponsor of the concerts at the YUM Centre.

SENIX has established their North American headquarters in Huntersville, North Carolina under the leadership of Scott Collins, SENIX President – North America.

SENIX parent company is Zhejiang YAT Electric Appliance Co., Ltd based in Zhejiang, China. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has followed its mission statement of “innovating quality tools to help enjoy a better life” and taking “becoming the most professional intelligent tool solution provider in the world” as its corporate vision.

As Equip Expo was the first time, we, at the FocusOn Group, were introduced to the brand, we have since followed up with the key personal at the company, to gain a better understanding about their company, the products and their future plans for SENIX.

For this interview, the questions were prepared by FocusOn Publisher, Rick Vandekieft. Scott Collins, SENIX President – North America, Rocky Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing and Todd Woodhams VP of Product Development provided the answers.

FocusOn:   What makes SENIX unique? (Quality, warranty, price, battery life, charge time, breadth of product line, promotions – special offers.)

SENIX (Rocky Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing):  SENIX is unique from the breadth of offering of our products to our performance the products deliver at a great value.  The SENIX product offering spans across AC, 4QL(4 Cycle gas) handheld outdoor products, Gas lawnmowers with Briggs and Stratton engines, X2 20Volt Max products in both power tools and outdoor power equipment, 2X2 40Volt

Max outdoor power tool products using the same powerful 20Volt batteries as our X2 products, X6 60Volt Max outdoor power tools including Zero Turn mowers later this year, and both AC and Gas pressure washers.  This vast and diverse offering puts SENIX in a unique position within the market place.

FocusOn: Does SENIX do field testing of its professional products in North America? If so how?

SENIX (Todd Woodhams VP of Product Development):  Our SENIX products go through a comprehensive testing program to validate performance and functionality. During the development process, we will utilize the expertise of professional users to get feedback on the tools so we can make improvements before initial launch.

FocusOn: Explain 4QL to our readers and will gas-powered products continue to be part of the product offering or will the focus be on battery products?

SENIX (Todd Woodhams): The SENIX 4QL platform is a 4-cycle gas engine powering our Handheld Outdoor Products and a few other key items like the high wheel grass trimmer and our inverter/generator line. This proprietary technology provides lower emissions, more torque and less sound than a 2-cycle equivalent. A secondary benefit to the user is that they do not have to premix the fuel and oil before using. Standard gasoline is used on all of our 4QL products.

The 4QL innovation is a patented quantum lubrication design that ensures oil is cycled throughout the engine no matter what orientation it is being held. This is critical for any gas-powered handheld equipment to ensure the tool is being used in the safest and most comfortable manner. Gas powered tools are one of the many core competencies of SENIX manufacturing. We will continue to invest in new developments and products as the market has a need.

FocusOn: Does YAT / SENIX Build their own batteries and are there any ‘standout” features of the YAT/SENIX batteries? What cells are being used?

SENIX (Todd Woodhams):  YAT/SENIX designs and builds all our batteries and chargers for each of our battery platforms. Our manufacturing capabilities include PCBA production as well as injection molding for all the plastic parts. Battery cells are sourced from reputable manufacturers across the globe and include both 18650 and 21700 cell sizes. The SENIX 20V X2 batteries range from 2Ah up to 8Ah capacity in a 1P and 2P configuration. The SENIX 60V X6 line includes batteries ranging from 3Ah up to 12Ah capacity in a 1P, 2P and 3P configuration.

FocusOn: When asked in the recent survey of professional landscapers, “what are the most important benchmarks when considering battery powered products”, they said:
#1 Run time
#2 Performance
#3 Cost
#4 Charge Time
#5 Choice of Models Within Platform

The top 6 battery powered products are on the 2024 shopping list of the professional landscapers, according to our survey:
26.4% said they intend to buy battery powered String Trimmers
17.2% said they intend to buy battery powered Backpack Blowers
11.6% said they intend to buy battery powered Hand-held Blowers
10.8% said they intend to buy battery powered Hedge Clippers
8.4% said they intend to buy battery powered Hand-Held Edgers
6% said they intend to buy battery powered Chain Saws

FocusOn: How does SENIX measure up on these 5 benchmarks and the 6 product segments on the pros 2024 shopping lists?

SENIX (Todd Woodhams): SENIX offers a variety of tools to meet the demands of a typical homeowner as well as the landscape professional. When specifically looking at the professional user, the SENIX X6 60V platform can meet or exceed the expectations of the customer purchase considerations.

Runtime / Performance: All the SENIX X6 60V products are powered by high quality brushless motors to maximize motor efficiency and runtime of the product. Many of the tools also feature an ECO mode option to extend the runtime while still maintaining an acceptable performance. Or the user can operate the tools at max output for heavy duty applications or finishing the job quickly. All the X6 batteries are compatible with each of the X6 products so if more runtime is needed, higher capacity batteries up to 12Ah are available.

Cost: The SENIX brand focus is to provide high performing tools at value pricing to the consumer. This is no exception for the SENIX X6 60V platform. Most of our tools meet or exceed the performance or features of the closest competition but without charging a premium for the benefits. We are very conscious of the retail landscape and continue to drive the value offering to make sure our customers get the most product for their money.

Charge Time: The SENIX X6 platform has many charger options to choose from. Even the most basic SENIX charger is fast compared to some of the other competitors. SENIX X6 chargers range includes a 3A, 6A and 8A single port charger, as well as an 8A dual port charger that will charge two batteries at the same time. These chargers will charge most X6 batteries in about an hour or less to ensure less down time.

Choice of Models within the Platform: The SENIX X6 60V platform currently has 8 core tools available now. These include a 16” Line Trimmer, industry leading 810CFM Handheld Blower, 26” Hedge Trimmer, 10” Pole Saw, 16” and 18” Chainsaws and Push and Self-propelled 21” mowers. SENIX plans to launch another 11+ tools between now and the 2025 Spring season to fully round out the platform.

FocusOn: Can you divulge if there are plans for ride on products such as UTV’s or  Zero Turn Mowers?

SENIX (Todd Woodhams): Yes, we are planning to launch a SENIX 60V Electric Zero Turn Mower in 42” and 54” deck sizes for the 2025 Spring Season. Plus, we are developing a SENIX 60V Hybrid Zero Turn Mower that runs off of battery and/or the gas-powered engine. This will also be available in a 42” or 54” deck size.

FocusOn: Is there ongoing RD research on Hydrogen Power?

SENIX (Todd Woodhams): We are constantly looking at new technologies for powering our equipment but are not pursuing Hydrogen Power at this time.

FocusOn: How will (is) SENIX go to market in North America? Distributors?  Dealers? Mass Merchants? Direct?  Where are you currently selling the SENIX branded tools?

SENIX (Rocky Reynolds, VP of Sales and Marketing): SENIX plays in all channels of distribution in the North American market.  We have a focus on Dealers, Farm Fleet, Hardware dealers and am very active on the mass retailers, and all major ecommerce channel driving significant revenue.

FocusOn: What is SENIX marketing strategy?  In a crowded market what is SENIX doing to stand out and catch the eye of the end-user?

SENIX (Rocky Reynolds): The outdoor power equipment and power tools market is crowded, but it’s mostly dominated by a few major brands.  SENIX brings the performance of those major brands but at a price point that is a little more affordable.  We are focusing on the younger generations that are not heavily invested in other brands battery platforms to become their choice of brands.

We have found in our research and studies that the younger generations are more apt to try fresh new brands that deliver on the value equation they are looking for.  We utilize a fresh approach with various social influencers to help deliver content that is enticing to them and that is a little more edgy and different than other brands.

We supplement this approach with some of the more traditional approaches of targeted print ads and our NASCAR partnership with Richard Childress Racing.  SENIX is quickly taking share and building awareness one customer, one meeting, and one show at a time.

FocusOn: We look forward to seeing SENIX at Equip Expo this coming October as they have assured us of many exciting new products!

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