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CASE Releases Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Own Machines for Rental Market

Original Source: Case Construction Equipment

CASE TLB 580SVsideshift

New CASE side-shift backhoe loader, upgraded rough-terrain forklifts with enclosed cabs, larger mini excavator and a brand-new full-sized wheel loader provide durable, versatile rental solutions that are easy to operate

CASE Construction Equipment is launching a big lineup of new machines and equipment upgrades that include some seriously operator-friendly and budget-friendly solutions for rental companies to grow their business.

With a new versatile and cost-effective side-shift backhoe loader that improves maneuverability, rough-terrain forklift upgrades that broaden application range and a tough new full-sized wheel loader, the latest launches from CASE take a practical approach to innovation with a focus on boosting profitability for rental companies.

“As tight labor markets create skills gaps across industries, rental companies need adaptable machines that deliver the productivity contractors require while also providing a durable, easy-to-maintain solution that’s easy on the bottom line,” says Terry Dolan, vice president – North America, CASE Construction Equipment. “Our goal with these new machines and upgrades was to enhance the return on investment for rental companies and their customers.”

New Side-Shift Backhoe Loader Brings More Features and Versatility to Rental Market

Backhoe loaders are already a mainstay for rental companies, delivering unmatched versatility as a two-in-one machine. Now, CASE is bringing new side-shift functionality for the first time to the U.S. market with the new Construction King™ 580SV side-shift backhoe loader, along with a big range of new features to boost opportunities for rental businesses.

“With a side-shift design, operators can shift the boom left or right to work snuggly parallel to structures or along roadsides while minimizing their footprint,” says George MacIntyre, product manager – backhoe loaders. “Or they can dig rectangular trenches without having to reposition the machine. This means more productivity in confined spaces and more application opportunities for rental customers.”

The new 97-horsepower CASE 580SV Construction King side shift brings all the features from the popular N Series backhoe loaders that customers love, like ProControl swing dampening for the backhoe, auto ride control for the loader and ECO modes for fuel efficiency. It also includes upgrades like a PowerShift transmission, a 6-in-1 bucket and easy-to-use pilot backhoe controls.

CASE SiteWatch telematics comes standard for five years on this new machine, letting rental companies improve fleet management, uptime and proactive maintenance. Rental companies will also be able to offer their customers a big toolkit of attachments for a wider variety of jobs, thanks to the machine’s multipurpose attachment compatibility.

Upgraded Rough-Terrain Forklifts with Enclosed Cab Boosts Rental Opportunities  

CASE H Series rough-terrain forklifts are already popular with rental companies because of their no-nonsense durability and easy-to-handle operation. They’re robust machines that are easy to transport and deploy for short-term projects, and they boost productivity for jobs like transporting pallets or holding up trusses on construction sites.

With the latest 586H and 588H model updates, CASE has added an optional factory-designed, built and installed enclosed cab with operator-friendly features like AC, heat, Bluetooth® radio, and noise and dust suppression that let operators work in all kinds of conditions. Whether rental companies are dealing with extreme heat or frigid temperatures, they’ll be able to serve more contractors more often with a lineup that protects operators from the elements.

Depending on the model, these flexible machines can swiftly lift heavy loads between 6,000 lbs. and 8,000 lbs. on all sorts of uneven surface conditions with the exclusive Load Control feature that minimizes shock to the load. Rental companies can also choose from a wide range of optional features for the best business fit, including 4WD or 2WD models and mast options ranging from 11 to 22 ft.

CASE also makes owning these machines easier for rental companies with flexible financing options, cost-controlling planned maintenance programs and features like SiteWatch telematics and maintenance-free Tier 4 emissions solutions.

Brand-New Full-Sized Wheel Loader Powers Big Performance and ROI

For rental companies who want to offer a powerhouse machine that’s easy to use and maintain, the all-new CASE 651G full-sized wheel loader delivers productivity on the jobsite while keeping operating expenses under control.

With breakout force of nearly 24,000 lbs., lifting capacity of over 16,100 lbs. and more clearance under the bucket during dumping, this machine is designed to help teams power through tougher jobs. It also includes a range of features and options to help rental companies protect their machine investment. Adjustable, easy-to-use electrohydraulic controls, a security lock feature and four-corner flashers help improve safety and control on the jobsite. And options like CASE ProCare and SiteWatch telematics provide an industry-leading warranty and more capabilities for planning out maintenance to manage expenses and maximize reliability.

“The CASE 651G is the kind of all-around, easy-to-operate workhorse that keeps jobs running efficiently and profitably from the minute operators climb into the comfortable cab,” says Neil Detra, product manager – full-size and compact wheel loaders. “We designed this powerful, highly configurable machine to meet the needs of all kinds of contractors, and we equipped it with the smooth controls and ergonomic features operators love.”

The new full-sized wheel loader offers three optional loader configurations and is compatible with a variety of tools like brooms and forks, making it a resourceful solution for highly varied jobs. The spacious cab includes control-enhancing features, like an integrated onboard scale for weighing and tracking loads, and comforts like AC, heat, heated seats and mirrors, and Bluetooth® radio to keep operators coming back for more.

New CASE Mini Excavator Brings Upsized Power and Versatility

For the rental houses that want to meet growing customer requirements and demand for larger mini excavators, the all-new CASE CX50D mini excavator delivers more punch in a compact design. This 5-metric ton class machine offers greater lifting capacity and better digging performance for jobs that demand more production in shorter time from operators.

When it comes to attachment versatility, the new mini excavator powers a wide range of specialized attachments for highly varied jobs. It comes standard with multifunctional hydraulics and a second auxiliary circuit, as well as an optional third auxiliary circuit for advanced attachments like tilt rotators and grapples. Another optional dedicated auxiliary circuit is also available to power advanced attachments like mulchers.

Operators will be able to work longer and more comfortably in the CX50D thanks to the automotive-style cab. Here, CASE goes big on comfort, control and convenience, including features like auto climate control with heat and A/C, Bluetooth® radio, a five-way adjustable seat and a customizable LCD screen that provides important data on the machine and attachments.

All these features were designed to provide low cost of ownership and excellent return on investment, thanks to the CX50D simplistic design and ruggedness to take the brunt of the job.

“With the rollout of our new and upgraded equipment, we’re not just revolutionizing jobsite performance with smooth, swift, smart machines; we’re creating a win-win scenario for contractors and rental companies,” says Dolan. “Crews get the productivity boost they need, and rental businesses unlock the full potential of their investment.”