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What is Alkylate Gasoline?

Original Source: Aspen Fuels

You may think all gasoline is the same. You pour something into the tank, pull the starter cord, and the engine comes to life.But it’s not really that simple. There are some big differences between engineered fuel like Aspen alkylate and the gasoline you can get at the gas station.

The key difference is that alkylate gas is an extra pure fuel form. Alkylate gas is made of vapor produced when refining oil. The process is called alkylation, and it involves combining excess gases from the distillation of crude oil and from the cracking plant, resulting in a liquid alkylate. Some additional components are then mixed in, resulting in the finished fuel.This engineered fuel is significantly purer than traditional gas.

The content of harmful aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene and polyaromatics (PAH) is close to zero.All you need to do to tell the difference is open the can. Or, if you compare engine parts run on conventional gas with those of an engine run on Aspen’s engineered alkylate fuel, the difference will also be clear to see. The engine run on alkylate gas will be much cleaner, while the other engine will show significantly higher levels of soot and deposits in many places.


If you pour a splash of conventional gas into a container, and the same amount of Aspen alkylate gas into another container, and then ignite both, the difference will also be clear to see. The flame produced by the conventional gas will produce far more soot, while Aspen gasoline burns cleanly and brightly. When the liquids have finished burning, the container that held the Aspen gas will be clean, while the one that contained the conventional gas will have brown and black residue and deposits.

The main difference with conventional gas is the ash residues in the oil, which contain carbon and produce deposits.

An Aspen invention

Aspen has been manufacturing and selling extra-pure, clean-burning alkylate fuel and other fuel products across the globe for more than 30 years. We know all about the advantages of engineered Alkylate fuel because we invented the product for use in your 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines decades ago.

Our fuels for 2- and 4-stroke engines deliver perfect performance for everything from your lawn mower, leaf blower or chain saw to your boat engine, moped or four-wheeler. Aspen fuel is free from ethanol, which contributes to corrosion. And it is long-storage stable, lasting 10 times longer than gas so you can safely store machines without emptying the tank, and you can count on your equipment to start – even after a long hiatus. In fact, under the right conditions Aspen fuels can be stored up to five years.

It is our mission to continue to educate professionals across the country about how engineered, ethanol-free alkylate fuel is the best fuel choice for you, your equipment and the environment.